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Contact Outlook Support to Secure Emails using a Digital Signature

A Digital Signature is a new and innovative feature offered by Outlook to add another layer of security to your messages and assures the recipient that you have signed the content of the email, not a fraud or imposter. It includes your certificate and the public key is originated from your digital ID. Outlook Support would like to inform you that the originated digital ID serves as a unique mark for you and signals the recipient that content sent to him is not altered in transit. So secure all your messages using the below-provided methods.

When You Select Digitally Sign for single message

  • On the Options tab of your message, open the permissions group and select Sign Message.
  • If you unable to find the Sign message button, perform the below-provided instructions:
  • Firstly open the message and then you have to click on Options.
  • From the list of options, in the More Options group give a click to the appeared dialog box launcher located in the lower-right corner of the screen.
  • Now you have to open the Security Settings and from the option you see on screen, mark the Add digital signature to this message check box.
  • Lastly, hit the OK button and then close the window.
  • The Absence of sign message button can also be due to the absence of digital ID configured to sin message digitally so follow these steps to get a digital sign:
  • You to select Options, on the File menu and then open Trust Center by clicking on this option.
  • Under the section of Microsoft Outlook Trust Center you will see the section of ‘Trust Center Settings’, here you have to select the option of Email Security.
  • Lastly to import a digital ID from a file on stored on your system, hit the Import/Export or button or if you want to get a list of services that contains digital IDs for your use, give a click on the option of ‘Get digital IDs’.
  • Complete the process by following this last step: create your email and then hit the send button to share it.

When You Select Digitally Sign for all messages

  • On the File tab, select Options and click on Trust Center Settings.
  • Open Trust Center Settings from the Microsoft Outlook Trust Center section.
  • Here click on the Email Security tab, under the Encrypted Mail, tick the checkbox beside the option of Add digital signature to outgoing messages.
  • Click Settings to modify additional settings like selecting between multiple certificates to use.
  • Hit the OK button on each dialog box that appears.

So these are the ways how you can add a signature easily. If any issue persists while going through the steps, you can seek help from our experts. Just make a call to Outlook Support Number 1800-958-211 and get all the necessary details and information to fix the problems regarding the Outlook account. Our team will assist you in a friendly manner with instant solutions.

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