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How To Configure File Attachment Protection In Outlook?

Outlook is used by a number of business users and it’s a very common thing to send files or folders in regular business communication. Sometimes, it is possible that an attachment you receive in your email may contain some viruses and it’s not easy to understand attachments contain a virus and when a user opens the attachment, viruses contain in that attachments get enter to your mailbox as well as your PC.

Now it’s possible to configure file attachment protection in Outlook Express 6, you can also get in touch with an expert at Outlook support Australia to get more details on attachment protection.

A customer can follow these given instructions in order to configure the file attachment protection in Outlook Express 6:

  • Open your Outlook Express 6 window.
  • Now choose “Tool” menu.
  • Now swipe down the calendar and go to the date.
  • Then go to “Options”.
  • Now go to “Security Tab” and then choose “Do not allow attachments to be stored or opened” that would undoubtedly a virus choice.

It will offer you protection as well as restrict extra files sorts than you want. By using the folder option applet you can choose a particular document that is required to be opened. In order to turn off a particular folder or a file you can use these steps:

  • Turn on your PC and go to “Control Panel”.
  • Here, open “Folder options Applet”.
  • Then go to documents kinds tab.
  • Then choose the document type for which you want to put restriction and then click on “Advanced button”.
  • Now, uncheck the verify after download.
  • Then, click on “Okay”.

There are many other security settings that you can put on your mailbox to keep your email account secure. For improved security, you can also speak with a technician who will guide you more regarding the security prospects on your mailbox. You can also use these above-mentioned steps to put the security on file attachments, in case, you persist any problem or have some questions in your mind you can ask with its technicians at customer service helpdesk by dialing Outlook support number +1800-958-211.

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